Clare Talks Rubbish Podcast

E6: How to be a zero waste mum with Claire Sumners aka Zero Waste Maman.

August 2, 2019

The Ocean has a tummy ache!

Claire has two small children and yet still manages to produce very little waste and especially plastic waste.  I am not a parent but I know that parenting is a tough enough job in itself.  So Claire puts me to shame really with my struggles to reduce waste.

Like most of the people I talk to though, she is not superwoman, non-judgemental and certainly not perfect.  I love her upfront say it as it is attitude and her passion for creating a better world for her children to grow up in.

I love the fact that her son says "the ocean has got a tummy ache"!  It is very cute but also a shocking sign of the times.  

Claire's energy and enthusiasm is infectious and I know you will love this episode.  Please share to any parents who are wanting to reduce their impact of the environment.  Then follow Claire to find out more tips and tricks from her journey.

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