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E5: Caroline Bond aka Kittie Kipper with her journey from beach cleaner to fibre artist.

July 19, 2019

Join me in a beautiful garden in Seaford where Caroline works. You can see part of the amazing view from the photo I have posted.

Caroline talks to me about how she got into beach cleaning and became one of the first to help spread the #2minutebeachclean campaign.  Her journey from gardening to becoming a fibre artist creating amazing creatures from a bunch of old rope.  

We talk about how the ocean has helped her mental health which is a powerful story and I am an avid believer in this.  The ocean and indeed nature connection are vital parts of our DNA and connecting with it is an essential part of our survival and that of the natural world.  

She tells me about getting on with her beach cleaning while her husband catches the surf.  How we need to connect with the waste that we produce and how beach cleaning has changed her diet and her whole life. 


We talk about the people who inspire her including Sylvia Earle and Cal Major who are also a huge inspiration to me.

I brought Caroline a big bag of old rope back from my paddle in Scotland after recording this episode and I for one will be avidly watching to see what she creates with it.

Find more about Caroline here:

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